In this article we discuss which supplements are beneficial for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. We also discuss why it can be beneficial to include natural supplements for maintaining health and wellbeing of your horse’s hooves.

Happy Hooves for horses prone to laminitis

To keep our equines in tiptop condition you must make sure their hooves are at their very best.

Happy horses have healthy hooves and are vital for your equine’s overall wellbeing.

Not only does the hoof support your horse’s proper leg function and body weight, but they play a key role in mobility and wellbeing.

To grow a hard and healthy hoof a horse needs a diet with a well-balanced nutrients and minerals.

The hoof structure

The hoof includes both interior and exterior structures that work together as they move, for a more in-depth explanation see here.

The hoof also includes the laminae which are finger-like protrusions of tissues which are responsible for holding the hoof wall onto the horse’s foot.

Sometimes due to various triggers these laminae can become inflamed which can bring on laminitis.

For those horses prone to laminitis a restricted diet is often recommended and needed.

Supplement for healthy foot structures

For those equines prone to laminitis and on restrictive diets, it can be a challenge. But maintaining a restricted yet well-balanced food programme is vitally important for continued hoof health.

If you are unsure about how to support your horse which is prone to this condition, please contact your vet, who can make recommendations for diet and feed including supplements.

Which supplements are beneficial for horses prone to laminitis?

Maxalami supplement

At maxavita we’ve developed a high spec supplement to aid your horse or pony during periods of challenging hoof health.

Our Maxalami supplement contains powerful antioxidants, along with the renowned advantages of Green Lipped Mussel, which is ideal to support the health & wellbeing of horses and ponies, especially those on restricted diets.

The key ingredients support the development of healthy hooves and laminae within the foot, in particular the inclusion of bioavailable sulphur. Plant extracts, rich in natural antioxidants support optimum circulation, and bioavailable magnesium provides essential dietary support during times of sudden grass growth.

Also included is an innovative prebiotic, combining both long & short chain oligosaccharides, the combination of which has been seen to have a beneficial effect on weight management and digestive microflora, essential in supporting optimum health of the horse, in particular when feed and calorie intake is being managed.

If in doubt call your vet

Please note that laminitis is a very serious condition and classified as a medical emergency – if your horse is showing signs contact you vet immediately.

If you are struggling to maintain your horse’s feet to a good condition, consult your farrier or vet for their advice.

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