g1 Known scientifically as Perna Canaliculus, the Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) is native to New Zealand and has been consumed by the coastal dwelling Maoris for hundreds of years. Incidences of arthritic and rheumatic disorders among the Maoris were extremely low, which led to interest from US researchers looking for a marine based anti-cancer agent in the 1960’s. When tested, the Green Lipped Mussel was found to have no effect on cancer at that time, but patients reported an easing in existing arthritic conditions.


The Green Lipped Mussel is a potent source of Omega 3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) including EPAs and DHAs which have been linked to a wide range of health benefits including joint, heart, eyes, skin, and brain health. It contains a unique profile of soothing Omega 3 PUFAs, called Eicosatetraenoic Acids (ETAs) which have natural anti-inflammatory properties. With naturally occurring Chondroitin Sulphate, the Green Lipped Mussel helps to promote healthy cartilage and connective tissue and maintain healthy, pain free and supple joints.


g2 Green Lipped Mussels are grown on hanging ropes and are visible on the surface as rows of buoys. GLM farming is closely monitored and supervised by the New Zealand government Marine Authority. Mussel farming is one of the largest segments of New Zealand’s aquaculture industry, and also one of the most eco friendly and sustainable in the world. The way the mussels are processed has a significant impact on the potency of the essential fatty acids present. The most common processes, freeze drying and cooking, both denature the Omega 3 structures, reducing the levels of ETA PUFAs which make the Green Lipped Mussel so unique.


The Maxavita factory is located in Havelock in the Marlborough Sounds coastal area off the South Island of New Zealand. Marlborough Sounds is an area of unique natural beauty. Its deep blue waters are renowned for their purity and for producing the highest quality green lipped mussels in the world. Maxavita’s Green Lipped Mussels are grown on a Government Licensed Farm which undergoes daily testing to comply with NZ-MAF guidelines.


The key ingredient in Maxavita supplements is SuPerna, a unique extract of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. Made exclusively for Maxavita in their New Zealand factory, a Rapid Cold Processing Method is used to produce the extract in the shortest time possible. Other Green Lipped Mussel extracts are produced through the use of heating methods such as freeze drying and cooking, which destroy the rich fatty acids that make the Green Lipped Mussel so exceptional. Cold Processing involves low temperature high pressure spray drying which lasts seconds, not days unlike freeze drying, and retains optimum concentrations of the active Omega-3 ETA PUFAs found in fresh Green Lipped Mussels.

Due to the unique way it is processed, SuPerna contains up to five times more Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids than any other Green Lipped Mussel extract, as proven in independent UK laboratories. This makes Maxavita products one of the most potent Green Lipped Mussel supplements available.


SuPernol is the oily extract of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, derived from Maxavita’s innovative powdered extract SuPerna. SuPernol was needed to bring together the soothing effects of our powdered extract into topical applications, such as massage gels, cooling patches, liquid and paste products. Maxavita use a unique patented method which retains optimum concentrations of the unique ETA Omega-3 PUFAs. During the development process it was discovered that the ETA Omega-3s found in SuPerna were even stronger in lipid form. This means that the natural soothing qualities of the Green Lipped Mussel are more potent in SuPernol.


Q: What makes your Green Lipped Mussel extract different to others?

A: Green Lipped Mussel is a very fragile substance and its effectiveness is dependent upon the processing method used. The majority of competitor products are processed using a freeze drying method which damages the active components of the GLM making them less effective. Our extract, SuPerna is produced using a Rapid Cold Processing method which retains optimum concentrations of the active Omega-3s. SuPerna contains up to 5 times more ETA-Omega 3s than a standard freeze dried extract, meaning it is five times stronger.