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  •   Supports weight management
  •   High levels of antioxidants
  •   Optimised blood sugar response
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Product Description

Containing powerful antioxidants, along with the renowned advantages of Green Lipped Mussel, this innovative product is ideal to support the health & wellbeing of horses and ponies, especially those on restricted diets. Key ingredients support the development of healthy hooves and laminae within the foot, in particular the inclusion of bioavailable sulphur. Plant extracts rich in natural antioxidants support optimum circulation, and bioavailable magnesium provides essential dietary support during times of sudden grass growth.


Also included is an innovative prebiotic, combining both long & short chain oligosaccharides, the combination of which has been seen to have a beneficial effect on weight management and digestive microflora, essential in supporting optimum health of the horse, in particular when feed and calorie intake is being managed.

Feed Directions: 30g per day
Product Specification

Product Specification

Ingredients Quantity/ Kilo
Prebiotic 333.3g
MSM 166.7g
Rosehip 33.3g
Hawthorn 66.7g
Magnesium 293.3g
GLM 13.9g
Hydrolysed Yeast 18.4g
Blueberry 66.7g
Superoxide Dismutase 20000iu

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