•   Green Lipped Mussel joint care tablets for horses
  •   Fast acting equine joint supplement designed to soothe, stiff, sore joints in a pure and natural way.
  •   Safe for long term feeding to maintain healthy, pain-free mobility and to support joint structures
  •   Natural alternative to Bute
  •   Contains no listed banned substances
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Product Description

Pernamax Equine Tablets is a fast acting, effective and natural joint care solution for horses that suffer from mobility problems. They provide a potent soothing action which works quickly to help ease stiffness and provide ongoing support to maintain a fluid, healthy mobility.

The main active ingredient in Pernamax Equine is SuPerna™, Maxavita’s patented Green Lipped Mussel extract which has a unique profile of Omega 3 ETA Fatty Acids, known for their potent soothing properties.

  • Pernamax Equine Tablets is veterinary approved and contains no listed banned substances.
  • Maxavita provide a free loading dose inside every tub of Pernamax Equine Tablets.
  • The small, palatable tablets can either be mixed into a hard feed or fed by hand to help horses on a low calorie diet.

Individual animals may vary in terms of their joint mobility and therefore some variation in the daily intake regime may be required until stability is maintained.

All horse sizes Loading period first 10 days Maintenance
8 tablets per day 4 tablets per day

Nutrition Information Quantity per 4 tablets

  • SuPerna™ green lipped mussel 1,000mg
  • Ingredients: Superna™ green lipped mussel powder, Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, Peppermint oil, Silicon dioxide.

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