Pernabiotic Mock Up black
  •   Optimises digestive health
  •   Supports weight management
  •   Improved odour control
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Product Description

PernaBiotic Canine contains:
• An innovative prebiotic, proven to support healthy weight in dogs. Research also shows improved insulin sensitivity, increased satiety along with improved odour control.
• Synergistic inactivated yeast strains that help to support the immune system and overall gut health.
• Three para probiotic strains, based on differing lactobacilli, offer an immune modulating effect. These offer support to the digestive system by reducing inflammation, ensuring a healthy gut barrier, protecting your dog from possible bad bacteria from causing disease. As these are para probiotics, they have a non-invasive nature making then ideal for older or more sensitive dogs.
• Primary antioxidants to support the immune system & the body’s natural defences.

In addition to the comprehensive digestive support, Pernabiotic contains the high quality and proprietary extract of Green Lipped Mussel powder (SuPernaTM ) containing high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) to support health & well being. These PUFA’s offer support to the digestive tract, as well as offering natural anti-inflammatory benefits

Directions for Use:

Small Dogs: 1 tablet per day
Medium Dogs: 2 tablets per day
Large Dogs: 3 tablets per day