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  •   Chasteberry & Marshmallow
  •   Competition safe
  •   Natural Support for hormonal mares
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Product Description

MaxaMare is a liquid supplement formulated to support the mare during seasonal changes.

Containing the ingredients Chasteberry and Marshmallow. These ingredients added together assist in supporting the Pituitary Gland, therefore help maintain and regulate normal hormone function. Providing your mare with the comfort and relaxation she needs to be able to continue performing at her best.

Maxamare was developed over time, alongside one of our sponsored riders, who had a particularly talented, but quirky mare. This mare found her seasons to be stressful and would present with an appearance that included high levels of discomfort and tension, as well as the more typical behaviours associated with oestrus cycles. Maxavita felt that competition mares would benefit from a supplement that was legal for use in affiliated competition, that would provide support during these periods of discomfort and often unsettled behaviour, without impacting performance.

Horses: 30ml per day

Ponies: 15ml per day